Kelloggs Special K Dress for Tess Daly

September 2, 2015

We where asked to design and make a dress for Tess Daly, the new face of Special K. Designing and making the dress from the ingredients of Tess’s Special K blend was quite a challenge… but after a bit of development heres the recipe:

Recipe makes 1 x Kelloggs Special K Dress in a perfect size 10


4000 stalks of braided wheat which form shoulder pads, bust and corset

500 whole almonds, individually drilled and hand sewn together

800 flaked almonds, glued together and shaped to form the bodice

50 vanilla pods and 50 vanilla flowers for decoration

100  apple peels curls, preserved red apple peel and apple slices

450 whole red apples for the fishtail train


Draw it, Sew it, Stick it, Weave it, Wear it, Eat it!!!


Where bendigo, victoria, australia when may 17, 18, 19 contact us if you believe you are able to make this seminar.